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"Mending the bonds our smartphones have weakened: 7 moves for restoration"

Girl and play sitting and playing with smartphones.
Photo by McKaela Taylor on Unsplash.

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This guest post is a collaboration between Techless and (CP) since both write on the intersection of tech and family. The Techless founder put me in charge of seeing this piece from ideation to final draft. The team at CP were a delight to work with!


  • Pitched story idea to founder and CP.
  • Outlined, drafted, and revised guest post.
  • Optimized post for SEO and readability.
  • Set UTM parameters for inbound links.
  • Followed through with CP.
  • Shared post on social channels and highlighted collaboration.

Favorite Quote

The desire to stay connected to news and social media felt strong. It was hard to break. It took the obstinate and loving stare of my son to shatter its spell.