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Ghostwriting: "The Dangerous 'Riches' of our Smartphones"

Smartphone on desk with twitch on screen.
Photo by Caspar Camille Rubin on Unsplash.

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My client's product and website focuses on healthy technology. Their flagship product, Wisephone, is a distraction-free, ad-free, and addiction-free phone. has overlapping interests and cares about how technology affects people. This guest post takes a theological look at smartphones.


  • Brainstormed topic ideas with client.
  • Outlined, drafted, and revised guest post.
  • Handed off to client for final edits.

Favorite Aspect of Project

What a unique opportunity to blend content writing, research, and theology! I enjoy tech and love the Bible, so I enjoyed crafting this guest post from a unique angle. Since we all own smartphones and struggle in some way with scree overuse, I wanted to take an honest and encouraging tone, offering helpful next steps for readers. In two parts theological, one part practical. Lastly, I don't mind ghostwriting. I have done so for many pieces and newsletters, and I enjoy the give-and-take of feedback and revision.