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"What is Clubhouse?"

Clubhouse app on iPhone being held.
Photo by Dmitry Mashkin on Unsplash.

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Client's audience is concerned over the changing smartphone landscape, especially social media safety. Clubhouse's explosive popularity prompted this educational post.


  • Researched SEO keywords and long-tail phrases for piece.
  • Chose SEO phrases based on volume, trending stats, and relevance.
  • Attributed several sources from Hubspot to The New York Times.
  • Outlined, drafted, and revised entire blog post.
  • Screen-captured visual assets to explain Clubhouse features.
  • Optimized blog post for readability, SEO, page speed, and accessibility.
  • Formatted and published article on SquareSpace CMS.
  • Shared piece on social media channels for client.
  • Tracked inbound traffic with UTM parameters.
  • Shared post via email newsletter with A/B test.

Favorite Aspect of Project

I enjoyed taking this article from ideation to publication and then marketing. Per client's request, I also will share this article via their email newsletter.

Favorite Quote

If Clubhouse is the place to go for hearing fresh voices, are they including and honoring all voices?

So far, it seems hit-or-miss.